Development of crimping machine

Many people may only pay attention to the beauty of our clothes now, but few people pay attention to the development of the machinery and equipment that we produce these clothes. The production of clothes cannot be separated from the application of various machinery and equipment. The crimping machine is the machinery and equipment that we use more when we produce clothes, and the price of the crimping machine is relatively affordable, so it is so popular. Let’s learn about its development history and its influence and significance in the development of our textile and clothing, so that we can have a deeper understanding of the crimping machine.


Pleating machine clothing has experienced twists and turns in recent years. It is the product of the combination of textile clothing technology and clothing aesthetics, and has the characteristics of integrating ancient and modern clothing modeling at home and abroad. Under the influence of today’s leisure lifestyle and the RETRO art trend of advocating nature, pleated clothing caters to the aesthetic needs of individual clothing to pursue individuality, and gradually develops into a popular clothing. Because of the appearance and technological characteristics of silent stitching, and the changing decorative design of pleats, the clothing crimped by pleating machine is particularly vibrant in today’s clothing industry. The innovation of style modeling and texture patterns is the focus of pleated clothing design. The design method of texture patterns is flexible and changeable. According to different production methods, the style of clothing crimped by crimping machine has its own characteristics: both realistic and freehand expression. Combined with the design changes of the style profile structure, the appearance modeling of pleated clothing is formed. The design of pleated clothing runs through the whole process of production. Designers should give full play to their imagination and creativity, and use the combination and innovative technology of a variety of clothing materials to add more colorful visual effects.

The modern crimping machine is controlled by computer, which can produce a variety of beautiful patterns according to different requirements, making our clothes look more beautiful. Therefore, the crimping machine has a far-reaching impact on the development of our clothing production industry. Looking at the future development of the clothing industry, it will also be inseparable from the use of our crimping machine. Now the crimping machine has become more intelligent, improving the production efficiency of our clothing, It has made irreplaceable contributions to our garment production industry.

Post time: Jul-13-2022