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Our factory was founded in 1994, and we have 2000 square meters of workshops. It is famous all over China for producing various distinguished pleating machines. Our factory is specialized in producing heat setting machine such as pleating machine and so on. The factory is committed to developing new products, and meanwhile, it keeps updating existing products. We take user’s request as our first priority and make the products’ function more complete and much easier to operate.

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    Founded in 1994
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    20+ years experience
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    2000 square meters workshops



  • Hot selling 3200x1650x1750mm multi function cyber computer controlled Blinds Pleated Machine

    Hot selling 3200x...

    Maximum Pleating Width 1700mm Maximum Pleating Speed 80 pleats/minute Motor Power 1.2kw Heater Power r 9kw Boundary Dimension 3200*1650*1750 mm Weight 1170kg   This pleating machine can be used for processing all kinds of chemical fiber and blended fabrics, PVC, PU, cow leather, and pigskin. This machine has special design, good  stereoscopic effect and excellent pattern,and It has lots of patterns for choice, such as bamboo leaf pleating, straight line pleating, wav...

  • ZJ-416 Crystal Dress Pleating Machine

    ZJ-416 Crystal Dr...

    Dress pleating machine 1. Dress pleating machine introduction. This pleat making machine is for fabric, leather, textile, chiffon, nylon with tiny toothpick/toothstick pleat pattern and height adjustable from 2mm to 8mm •Max. pleating width: 1600mm •Max. pleating speed: 200m/h •Pleat height: 0.2cm-0.8cm •Motor power: 1.1kW •Heating power: 1.5kW*6+0.5kW*4 •Size: 2600*1450*1600mm •Packing size: 2600*1140*1800mm •Net weight: 1000kgs •Gross weight: 1250kgs

  • Boya Shrinking Pleating Machine

    Boya Shrinking Pl...

    Description This machine can make luxurious shrinking pleats at different intervals and ladder-tooth type concavo-convex pleats. We can also customize all kinds of pattern rollers according to customer requirements. The fabric has distinct layers and strong sense of stereoscopic and elastic after processing. Eight kinds of gears to adjust the fabric shrinkage to meet the market demand. The type of the pleat is elegant and unique, and it adds to the beauty ...

  • Pleat Machine

    Pleat Machine

    Description The performance of the pleating machine is mainly the luxurious concave convex flower shape with reduced scene and varying density interval. The fabric after heat setting greatly increases the elasticity and three-dimensional feeling, and the reduced scene style is more elegant and chic. The pleating machine is widely used in the textile industry, and can be used to make the best man shirt, skirt, decorative hanging towel, cover cloth, etc. The...

  • Boya Organ-Style Pleat Machine

    Boya Organ-Style ...

    Description This machine is special equipment for chemical fabrics pleating of louver curtain, all kinds of tents and covers for adornment, also for the pleating and setting of all kinds of fashionable and luxury garments, skirts, etc. The large full pleat processed with intensive and good elastic and stereo effect gives a sense of elegance in the boldness. This machine possesses constant performance, is easy to operate and adjust. The size of the pleat ca...